Advanced building skins revolutionising the way we design and build.

We envision opening the door to new levels of building skin intelligence and functionality, streamlined into an intelligent building skin system. The idea was to make accessible to the construction and digital industries access powerful new intelligent building skin DNA technology enabling new levels of innovation of building skin functionality and performance. We are starting with a baseline of improved thermal performance, and building skin sensors that measuring and managing air flow, air temperature, light, and humidity. A building skin that has the ability to breath and respond to changes in climate as an intelligent biomimetic process.

The relationship of Interacting with buildings is going to change. Lynx has a vision to re-create this relationship in a holistic technology design. Our values in the design are centered in sustainability and resiliency. This ethos extends to integrating cutting edge digital technologies, to robotic manufacturing, circular economy materials and processes, health of the occupants and building, and embodying high performance as a building for managing future human needs.



Gateway technologies facilitating solar integrative solutions for the design and construction industry. 


Start to re-imagine the world around you.